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Concussion management 

Coolmine Rugby Club subscribes to the IRFU policy on Concussion Management and takes its responsibilities in this regard seriously with all coaches and staff briefed on protocol in managing players under their care with suspected concussion.

All coaches when attending courses at any level within the IRFU must first present a certificate that they have completed the online module of Concussion Management for the General Public here . 

Concussion can have a significant impact on the short and long term health of player if not managed correctly.
Concussion MUST be taken extremely seriously.
Any player with a suspected concussion MUST be removed immediately from training/play and not returned.

All games MUST cease until this is undertaken in a safe manner.
Players with a suspected concussion MUST be medically assessed.
They MUST not be left alone and MUST not drive a vehicle.
There is no such thing as a minor concussion or ‘knock to the head’.

Coolmine Rugby supports all efforts by the Leinster branch and the IRFU to drive awareness amongst players, coaches and parents of the affects of concussion and how it should be properly managed.

The following links will guide you through concussion, what it is, how it affects the player and how it should be treated and managed.

If you have child or member of the family playing rugby with Coolmine Rugby club you MUST familiarise yourself with this information.

IRFU GUIDE TO CONCUSSION (PDF)  please click here 


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