Coolmine Rugby registrations are now done through

Many of you will be familiar with MyClubFinances already and if you have an account with them you will be easily able to complete your registration Coolmine RFC.

Coolmine Rugby Football Club

Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

​Why is registration done online only?

As well as collecting the necessary subscription we use the details collected online to manage club communications for the year.

Every detail you enter is used so please be careful when entering names and dates of birth, etc. There are often mistakes made at registration which cause confusion later.

What if I don't want to register now?
To put it simply, if a player is not registered online then he/she is not officially part of the age group. You may not receive communications related to your group and more importantly the player may not be insured with the club. If you are a mini parent you are considered a member of the club only when the mini registration is completed.

I can't afford to register right now. What should I do?

Please contact the Club Secretary in confidence and they can discuss some arrangements with you. 

What are all these membership options?
On the My Club Finances page you are presented with a list of membership types or 'plans'. As well as under age categories the list of plans, as well as senior players. Don't panic! Simply select the type(s) and quantities of each plan you require, and click next.

Are there discounts for multiple mini and youth players in a family as in previous years?
Yes there are still discounts for multiple purchases of most under age categories (u6-u17). The discounts have been re-structured and simplified but the result will be the same overall registration fees.  The discount will be visible to you once you add multiple plans to your cart.

Why am I asked for Parent/Guardian details in some categories?
When you add an u6-u18 player, you will also be asked for the details of one Parent/Guardian.
In Mini categories (u6-u12) this parent will be the nominated person from your family who will be a full club member of Coolmine RFC or the 2016/2017 Season.

Why are email and mobile phone number questions asked for 'child' players?
These contact details will be used to send training and match details specifically for those players. This gives flexibility to parent/guardians to give different contact details for different players. We are aware that Mums and Dads can split responsibilities when there are multiple players in the family so please enter the contact details for each player separately.

What are all these other crazy questions such as previous rugby club, nationality, and next of kin?
The answers to these questions are needed for the IRFU and Leinster Rugby 'Clubhouse' and 'Green Card' registration processes. We are asking these questions at registration because we intend to register all players with the IRFU during the season. You will be notified when this happens as your additional consent and other details will be required. Our intention is that we will make this process as easy as possible by gathering the details now. 

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